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this is a photo of Dr. Carol Stuessy

Carol L. Stuessy (Ph.D., Ohio State University)

Dr. Stuessy taught secondary science for eleven years before returning to do graduate work in cellular biology and research in science education. Since she joined the faculty at Texas A&M University in 1989, she has been involved continuously in statewide reform in Texas. In her NSF work with the Texas Statewide Systemic Initiative, she served as co-chair of the Pre-service Elementary Science Action Team. She currently teaches graduate courses in science education, cognitive science foundations of teaching mathematics and science, and classroom-based educational research. Fifteen graduate students have completed dissertations in science education under her direction and currently hold positions in higher education. She is past President of the School Science and Mathematics Association, past Director of the Southwest Association for Science Teacher Education, and past co-editor of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education.

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this is a photo of Dr. James McNamara

James F. McNamara (Ph.D., Penn State University)

Dr. McNamara is an educational policy researcher with over three decades of experience in conducting policy studies for school districts and university boards of trustees, state legislators, private research foundations, federal courts, university research centers and corporate law firms. He is a full professor at Texas A&M with graduate faculty appointments in the Department of Mathematical Statistics in the College of Science and in the Departments of Educational Psychology and Educational Administration in the College of Education and Human Development. He has chaired 28 dissertations, four of which have won national professional society awards. Since 1989, Dr. McNamara has conducted 120 research design and statistics training sessions in 35 North American cities. Dr. McNamara retired from the PRISE project in August 2008.

this is a photo of Dr. Timothy Scott

Timothy Scott (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

Dr. Scott is a Co-Director of the Texas A&M University Center of Science and Mathematics Education and serves as Undergraduate Dean of the College of Science. Before assuming the role of Undergraduate Dean, Dr. Scott taught courses in Anatomy and Physiology at Texas A&M University and did research in the area of crocodilian biology. Dr. Scott continues to play a central role in developing collaborative relationships among the colleges and departments involved in preparing future science teachers at Texas A&M University. He serves a leadership role in Texas Teach, a consortium of the major teacher preparation institutions in Texas; and is directly involved in three state-wide NSF-sponsored teacher preparation and professional development projects.