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Research Goals

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One purpose of the Policy Research Initiative in Science Education (PRISE) project is to improve teaching and learning in high school science classrooms. This purpose is met using a system approach to link educational research with policy development. The overarching goal is to provide the State of Texas and the Nation with research findings that lead to the development of an articulated and coherent system of continuous professional career development for high school science teachers. This system would improve the quality of science teaching while making significant contributions to addressing issues related to high school science teachers and their students.

Research Questions

This project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is designed to provide decision makers at local, state and national levels with information that answers the following three basic questions about the high school science teacher professional continuum in Texas:

Research Question 1: Where are we?

Research Question 2: Where do we want to go?

Research Question 3: How do we get there?

The research agenda for each PRISE group project completes specified research strategies to address the research questions. Strategies for data collection include teacher interviews and surveys, administrator interviews, and archived data acquisition. Strategies for data analysis include simple descriptive, portraits, case studies of sample schools, and inferential psychometrics. Strategies for data presentation include policy reports and briefs, scholarly articles, professional presentations, and dissertations. Results from these research strategies will inform the development of a set of policy alternatives to strengthen the high school science teacher professional continuum in Texas.

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