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Teacher Professional Continuum (TPC)

Many issues investigated by PRISE are associated with the high school science teacher professional continuum (TPC). TPC is defined as the career path of teachers that begins with their initial preparation and continues to include recruitment, induction, and renewal. Current shortages and increasing attrition rates indicate that qualified high school science teachers are not being retained in the TPC. Shortages lead directly to questions about practices and policies of high schools and their science teachers that may affect teachers' decisions to leave or stay in the high school science classroom.

Input from high schools and their science teachers regarding best practices in recruiting, inducting, renewing, and retaining high school science teachers is critical in recommending strategies that increase teachers' retention in the TPC. This information can be useful in developing efficient, equitable, and effective policy alternatives that will alleviate issues associated with high school science teacher quality and teacher shortages.

PRISE seeks research information to inform the development of policies to alleviate teacher shortages in the high school science TPC. These policies will be of value to the nation, the state of Texas, and high school administrators who are striving to retain high school science teachers in the TPC.

TPC Pathway

Visual representation of the high school science teacher professional continuum (TPC)

this is an image of the TPC graphic