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White Papers

Foundational work

White papers were written as working documents throughout the beginning phases of the project to ground the work. The first two white papers, 2007-1 and 2007-2, summarized the processes of literature review and sampling plan development. An additional working paper, 2007-WP1, outlined the specifics of the work plan for the research.

Conceptual framework

Members of the PRISE Research Group wrote White Papers in association with the development of the conceptual framework. These white paper provided a starting point for discussions regarding indicators of Supportive Administrators and Professionally Committed Science Teachers who encourage Professional Relationships within School Walls and Professional Supports Outside Schools Walls to assure optimal Facilities, Materials, and Safety and Working Conditions for teaching science. An additional white paper, Recruitment Practices provided specific information regarding the strategies involved in hiring new science teachers.

White Papers (click on paper number to see the paper)


Literature Review as Inquiry (Carol L. Stuessy)


The Phase Two Sampling Plan (James F. McNamara & T. Dane Bozeman


Research Phases, Questions, Objectives, and Work Plan (James F. McNamara & Carol L. Stuessy)


Supportive Administrators (Toni Ivey)


Professional Relationships Within School Walls (Toni Ivey & Ra’sheedah Richardson)


Facilities, Materials, and Safety (Jane Metty & Carol L. Stuessy)


Working Conditions (Jane Metty & Toni Ivey)


Professional Supports Outside School Walls (Ra’sheedah Richardson & Robert Wilson)


Recruitment Practices (Ra’sheedah Richardson, Susan Troncoso-Skidmore, & Robert Wilson)


Professionally Committed Teachers (Susan Troncoso-Skidmore)